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The Love Handles Story

(and we are in fact, sticking to it!)

Well....... it's like this....

   Bout 2 years ago........ Michael meets drummer Rich. They played together in a casual weekend band for a year. No gigs, just playing to be playing. That dissolved but Rich and Michael wanted to continue. Rich already knew Paul (bassist) and Michael knew Craig (lead guitar). So we got the 4 together and that went pretty well. But something was missing. KEYS! We asked ourselves, how can we do Barry White and the Temptations without keys????

   Michael ran an ad on Craigslist and only one person replied, that was Alice. The fit was immediate and we had us a band. 

   Moving forward we played a house party after we'd been together only a few months. We were then asked to perform at the 2019 Oregon Ski Out for Cancer in Hood River. What a blast. The director told the band that we were not allowed to play one more note until we agreed to come back next year. We will be there in 2020.

   Since then we have taken some other gigs including a night at Pub 181. The staff there told us we were "the best band they'd had there in years". We'll be there again in 2020 as well. Check the upcoming shows page.

   We are adding new songs all the time and look forward to playing for your event or venue in the future. 

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