Place of birth:  Eighty-Four, Pennsylvania


Lives in:  Beaverton, OR

Instruments:   Vocals / Rhythm Guitar

5 Desert Island Albums

     Led Zepplin IV

     Damn the Torpedoes (Petty)

     The Captain and Me (Doobies)

     Greatest Hits the Temptations

     All Things Must Pass (George Harrison)


5 Favorite songs performed by The Handles 

      The Walk

      Main Street

      Heard it in a Love Song

      Cherry Bomb

      So Into You

Michael McCartney

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   I love being part of this band. I also enjoy camping, photography, golf, my solo work in graphic design, and of course spending time with my awesome family and friends.

   I didn’t pick up a guitar until I was 21 or so. I always sang in church and school though. I was asked to run lighting for a friends’ band in the early 80’s and one night at rehearsal, they had me sing Cocaine by Eric Clapton. Next thing I know, I was asked to join as their lead vocalist. That band was Nobody’s Business. The project went on for 6 years or so on and off. When it dissolved, I started running ads in the Oregonian (the struggle was real kids), met some great guys and the Bentwood Rockers was born. We had a nice 13 year run in the late 80’s and all of the 90’s playing mostly in the East County area, on up to Sandy and Barlow. 

   In 2000 I recorded a CD of my original songs with many friends helping out. After that I played in Quarterhorse (a country band) with Craig and the original version of the Love Handles for a few years each. Also, I did a three year stint with some former Bentwood Rockers in a band called the Inglewoods. After a 7 year hiatus (playing mainly at open mics etc), I answered an ad to jam with some guys and I met Rich Kaiser. From that chance meeting, the Love Handles was reimagined and rebuilt. This is a great time in my life and this is the best band I’ve ever been a part of.