Paul Weatherford

Place of birth: Sacramento, California


Lives in: Vancouver, Washington 

Instruments: Bass guitar and Vocals


5 Desert Island Albums:

   Moving Pictures

   Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

   Physical Graffiti 

   After the Gold Rush

   Earth Wind and Fire Greatest Hits


5 Favorite songs performed with The Love Handles: 

     Devil Woman 




     The Walk


  My musical interests started at a young age playing the drums. When I got the opportunity to switch to playing the bass guitar I jumped at the chance. I've played the bass with several bands over the past 15

years or so and love playing music to a live audience.

  This group is very  special to me and I am always looking forward to time spent with the band practicing

and playing gigs.

    My other interests include playing guitar, mandolin, landscape and abstract painting, stained glass, camping and spending time with my family.

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